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Name: Sami

Age: 17

Gender: male

Location: ottawa, canada

Sexual Preference: straight

Top 10 bands: finch, copeland, atreyu, weezer, backstreet boys, alexisonfire, fifty cent, brand new, thursday, foo fighters!

Top 5 movies: boondock saints, snatch, godzilla (original japanese version), mr and mrs smith (aneglina *drool*), american pie.

Favorite Book: 1984 george orwell

Favorite Song: I want it that way by BSB

Favorite Quote/Lyric: "note to self, I miss you terribly, this is what we call a tragedy, come back to me, back to me, to me" - from first to last

Make me laugh: made a 30 min home made jedi lightsaber movie for fun

What makes you so emo?: "cause my broken heart is only healed by the products of my vanity" heh. But really, I just like the emo style, its fashionable, exciting, fun and I just connect with it.

Promote us somewhere and give a link(We WILL check).

Why should you be accepted?: because you people are cool like that.

Once your in will you promote?: sure, no harm in doing so right?

How did you find this community?: Magic...


President Bush: too late to do anything about it now, besides hes got what 3 years left? HIllary for president 2008!

War: Its a maens of achieving, but a positive means, but it gets the work done (mostly).

Same sex marriage: for it, because we cant tell someone who they can and cant marry. Just like we cant tell a person what flavor of icecream they like the best.

The term 'emo': emotional, derived from the early pop punk cultures of the 1990s (thanks wikipedia)

sXe: straight edge... never followed it too much, know a lot of edge kids though.


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