Shyloh (whiteseaofeyes) wrote in so_em0,

i was actually a member before, under imatechie, before i abandoned my old livejournal.

but anyways, if you've been here a while you may remember that eliote and i met here at so_em0 back in october when he applied. we had an instant connection and hit it off right away. we started dating in late December.

Well, tomorrow Elliot will be arriving in crappy upstate NY to visit me. It'll be the first time we've met. I am sooo... excited!

We're the most in love two people could ever dream of being, he's my world and i've never been this happy EVER.

So thank you, so_em0 for existing and being the place i met my soulmate.

massive picture update sometime this weekend. we'll have pictures of us TOGETHER AT LAST!
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